Better way to manage WordPress Contact Form 7 messages

Manage WordPress Contact Form 7 messages directly in WordPress. Like leads in the CRM system. You can manage service requests and other form submissions using a customized process that is best for your team.

Collect and process contacts in one place

MangoFP lets you collect and manage Contact Form 7 messages. So that no message that is potential sales lead will be ignored

Treat messages as sales leads

All incoming messages are gathered in one place. Each lead is always assigned to a process step. Initially, it's "New." Then you decide what action is needed with the lead. It can move to the step "In Progress" or "Accepted" or something else specific to your process.

Reply from MangoFp

Reply via email to customer requests and -orders directly from MangoFp. Replies that move lead to the next process step can be based on pre-defined email templates.

There will be a premium add-on to MangoFp that allows your customers to send replies directly back to MangoFp so that they will be under the same lead.

Customize process steps and email templates

Add or delete process steps. Define possible next steps for each step. Add unique email template for each step.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your workflow.