Installation of MangoFp

Check that you have installed the plugin Contact Form 7.

Automatically generated Contact form

You should also have at least one  Contact Form 7 form in use on your WordPress website. If you want to reply to form submissions from MangoFP,  your form(s) should contain an email field. MangoFP recognizes the email field automatically when its name is your-name (default for Contact Form 7)

Name of the email field here is by default "your-email"
Default Contact Form 7 form as visitors see it

Install and activate MangoFP

In WordPress Admin Area, open MangoFP->Settings. On tab Parameters, you can specify Email field if that is something else than your-email. On the tab Define process steps, you can modify the process to manage the messages. 

Change value of email field if it has different name on your CF7 form(s)
Add steps and customise their dependecies

Open your page with a form on your webpage and submit some data.  

In Admin Area, open MangoFP->Contacts. You should see your form submission as a new message.

CF7 form about to be submitted
Submitted message in MangoFP and answer is ready to be sent